Younique Mascara - Enhancing Beauty

Beauty is an important component in every person irrespective of your financial status or age. Younique mascara is an eyelash makeup professionally designed to make eyelashes look long, thick and curled in order to enhance stunning look.
How the makeup is made

Younique mascara involves the combination of natural fibers with transplanting gel. This is meant to transform and maintain your eyelash appearance. Since the product is water resistance, it can stick to your beautiful lashes for the whole day. In addition, if you want to clean if off in the evening, it is easier. Use warm water and face cleaner.


Before using the 3D makeup, understand your eyelashes first. Begin by applying a small coat of transplanting gel to make your lashes shiny and elegant. Then apply the natural fibers. Finally, for best performance, you need to reapply the gel in order to make the natural fibers firmly stick to your lashes.

Extension validity

Mascara is not like other synthetic extensions which fade within 4-5hrs. The water resistivity component which is present in this makeup makes it perform extraordinary for over one day. It makes lashes look thicker, enhancing open and fuller appearance. If you possess drooping eyelids, mascara is the best makeup, it will make them appear fresh every time.

Don’t forget

Natural lashes should be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove dirt, oil, dust or water before applying it. After mascara application, avoid disturbing its adhesiveness by washing your face. Don’t disturb your face for over 4 hours.


Ensure that you pick the right mascara product. Finally, in case you have any skin disease, it is good to first check your physician before applying any make ups. For natural and stunning look, mascara is the best and cheap product to go for.

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